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Does anybody have a source for driver side body molding for a 1990 festiva?

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  • Does anybody have a source for driver side body molding for a 1990 festiva?

    I have a newly found one owner red 1990 festiva with 305,000 miles----looks and drives perfect, looking for a source for driver's side body molding.

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    L model has narrow molding LPlus has wide molding. There are 3 pieces: a short piece on the front fender, a longer piece on the door and another shorter one on the rear quarter panel.

    I believe I may have a couple of pieces. Can you tell us which your model and which pieces you need?
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      Hello, I have a 1990 Lplus, about 2/ and a half inches wide, need drivers side door piece and rear quarter panel piece. please reply to, many thanks for the response, Bob


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        Sorry, I just checked and all I have are the narrow left and right side door pieces for an L model. They are 47 3/4 inches long.
        Hopefully someone else has what you are looking for.


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          Good news! The border opened again this month. No Covid restrictions.
          I went to Able's in Sanborn, NY.
          It still has three Festivas at the back of the yard.
          Bad news is the one that was parked under the trees had a big branch fall down and smashed in the front windshield.
          I will check for you the next time I go there.


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            I have all three driver's side pieces... except they're from an L, not an L-Plus. Close but no banana. :-/
            I am currently Festivaless. I am without Festiva. Non-Festiva. I'm UnFestiva'ed. Living post-Festiva. Ex-Festiva Life. Hashtag sad :'-(

            PS - Please send very low-dollar offers. Currently looking to buy, but will have to empty the couch cushions to do so. Hashtag sad, again.