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Swapping instrument clusters

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  • Swapping instrument clusters

    What do i need to do to swap from a non tach gauge cluster to a stock one with

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    I believe you will have to pull the speedometer cable slightly out and fish it around the other side of the steering column support.
    That is because the speedo is on the right and the tach is on the left.
    Be careful not to break the plastic locking tang on both wire connectors when removing the original cluster.
    I believe the tach wire is already there.


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      Perfect thank you so much i got my hands on a sweet yellow number cluster cant wait to install


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        If you haven't checked your transmission fluid level lately, this would be a good time to do it because it will make it much easier for you to remove the instrument cluster if you take the speedometer gear out to get some slack at the back of the cluster to work with. This will allow you to look at the back of the cluster to see all the little tabs that you need to press in to remove the wires and cable connector without breaking them off.
        Before you try to remove it, be sure to clean thoroughly around the transmission where the cable and gear goes in so you don't get any dirt down in the hole and into your transmission.
        I have found that it is easier to remove the gear if you leave the cable attached. Just remove the 10mm bolt that holds the gear in, then twist the gear back and forth until you can pull up on it. Do you use anything to pry up on the tab as it will break easily also when you put it back in, be sure the gear is seated properly before putting in the bolt and tightening. The gear is cast aluminum and the tab on it will break of easily if not seated and flat against the transmission housing.
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