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    Got bored after work, started farting around with my new acquisition and the ugly pile of parts I have sitting around. I put a Progress rear sway bar in the 'trix and knew I'd have some use for the stock bar.
    So, it kinda fits like a glove into the festiva rear axle.
    Could I be onto something here?

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    Ummm... maybe.
    Festiva: Because even my dog can build a Honda.

    '90 L. B8ME/Kia Rio 5 speed. Rio/Aspire suspension swap.
    '81 Mustang. Inline 6, Automatic.
    '95 Eagle Summit Wagon. 4G64 Powered.


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      Hard to tell without a roadtest, measurements, and some pictures!
      1988 Chevy Sprint Turbo 997cc


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        Mike, AKA the sasquatch
        1990 LX, bp+T/g25mr, 9psi dynoed at 194HP, turbonetics t3/to4e 57trim, haltech E6X standalone, 550cc injectors, turbosmart wastegate, synapse BOV, walbro 255 fuel pump, aeromotive FPR, AEM wideband, 3 inch exhaust, huge FMIC, 9LB flywheel, 6 puck clutch and way more parts that im forgetting i installed lol...


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          Pics will have to wait. I took a second trip under the car to see what it would look like fitted in place. The gas tank keeps it from being able to slip in on both sides but I can say for certain it will fit, just need to drop the axle to physically put it in. Only issue is that being so wide the bolt holes might have to be right where the arms that go out to the hubs are welded to the beam itself. That joint could easily be strengthened though.

          If I can get this bar in, and it works well, then the 24mm progress matrix sway bar will fit as well and work even better.

          Thing is, I'm planning an aspire swap and I'm not sure if the aspire rear axle has the same beam dimensions... but I can always try the mod on both axles just to blaze the trail and further the community.
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