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    ok so im going to buy 5 new tires in a few weeks and i have a question about that. stock is 155R12 right? what about the third number? i dont know how much of a difference the third number makes but i want to get a nice set of tires that will be good all year without harming my gas mileage. i didnt ask which ones they looked up or what i can get but the shop says they can order 155R12s for $50 a piece.. they also have to fit in the spare tire spot.

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    The spare tire is a 13". I run 165R70 12's on my 93GL @ $ 37.00 ea from Hercules
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      my spare is a full sized tire and fits fine. 165r70 ? i thought r meant rim size, so like r12 is a 12".
      i dont know anything about tires but i really want to know an 'experts' opinion on what will be a good all year tire that wont hurt my gas mileage rather than a 'this works for me'
      However i really appreciate all the help i can get since im at the mercy of your guys opinion, me being a tire newb and all


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        165-70x12; an "r" in there just means it's a radial, which most tires nowadays are anyway.
        165 is the width of the tire, in mm, across the tread.
        70 is the "aspect ratio"--the height of the tire; 70 means it is 70% as tall as it is wide, or 115.5mm (about 4.5" tall).
        12 is the rim diameter.

        If you're sticking with 12" tires, this is a good size. Slightly wider than 145 or 155 means more traction; lower aspect ratio means less rolling/more stability when going around corners. Personally I recommend 13" Metro wheels for a cheap upgrade, which gets you a much greater selection of better-quality tires, up to 185mm wide. But a 185 will rub on the rear spring perch; I have heard that a 175 won't. But if you upgrade to 13" rims, keep one good full-size 12" tire as a spare. I consider the "ideal" all-around daily-driver tire to be 175/70x13, with 30-35 PSI in the tires.
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          OEM, aka stock, tire sizes were 145-80-12 and 165-70-12.

          The 155-80-12 are a direct replacement though your speedo and ODO will be lightly off.
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            Here's a great find when I was looking for new tires:
            Originally posted by TominMO View Post
            But a 185 will rub on the rear spring perch; I have heard that a 175 won't.
            I've heard that swaping the rear spring perches with Aspire perches will solve this issue - I know for a fact the the perch is higher because I measured it and compared to the festy

            As long as your running the Festiva rear springs you shouldn't notice much change in the shock absorber - if you use the aspire rear springs the car will have a higher rate in the rear and seem like a rock wagon unless you have it loaded down
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              vrey helpful^^ good info