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Aspire ATX vs. MTX brake rotor weights

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  • Aspire ATX vs. MTX brake rotor weights

    I ordered some stuff from Rock Auto yesterday morning, and got them this morning. I'll have to check on my invoice to make sure I didn't accidentily order "overnight shipping." I wanted regular.

    But they're here and everything seems in order.

    I used my bathroom scale to weigh both pairs of rotors:

    ATX: 20 pounds

    MTX: 17 pounds

    Three pounds difference total. 1.5 pounds per wheel difference.

    I still think I'll use the MTX rotors on Luxstiva, since she's so heavy up front. If the difference were less than a pound, I would probably go with the ATX rotors' extra thickness.

    I also took some pictures of them side by side showing the differences which I should eventually put up.

    One more weight, that of my new Hercules G2000 H series 165/70-13 tire on my alloy Aspire rim:

    27 pounds.

    I had to balance the tire to weight it, but I reversed directions several times and always got 27 pounds, so it should be pretty accurate.

    I also weighed one of my VW 13 X 5.5 alloys with another 165/70 of a different, older brand on it. No air in the tire, 'cause it suffers slow leaking.

    27 pounds. Again. Hmm, I wonder if having no air makes any difference? Anyone know? Air at atmoshperic pressure would not register on the scale, but at 33 psi... ?

    I figured these wider rims would be heavier than the skinny Aspire alloys. I'll reweigh them later with 33 psi in them.

    A long time ago these VW rims weighed in (on my parents' scale) at 15 pounds each. This suggests the Aspire rims (13 X 4.5) are about the same weight as the VWs. Compare this to 14 X 5.5 Miata "daisy" rims (like Matt has on his blue car) which are supposed to be just under 13 pounds each.


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    Mine are 25 pounds with the tires. 15x6.5 195/45-15



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      i have aspire steelies with 175 70 13 and they weigh the the same as my
      14" x 6" BMW rims with 185 60 14 great ride just need studs rather than bolts.. This is on an aspire
      1996 Aspire, 2DR 5SPD 185 60 14, Aluminum rims, Mild Stereo system, some neon tubes, 185 000 km not a speck of rust runs like a champ
      B8-ME Swap COMPLETED.