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    Hey i have a 94 aspire and i was thinking of just cutting the springs to lower it. i dint know much of the whole suspension things but i was told i needed to by shorter struts. Is this true? I was thinking of going maybe 1.5-2 inches in the front and 2.5-3 in the back. Or is chopping the springs just not a good idea. Thanks
    Wait what kinda car is that!!! Oh yeah thats a ASPIRE

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    You shouldn't need to buy shorter struts.

    I chopped one coil off Aspire springs and used them on Muttstiva to get approximately stock ride height.

    If I were you, I'd get a set of junkyard strut assemblies and cut them one coil to start with. Then see how it looks. That way your car is not down for as long while you disassemble your only struts and cut your only springs.

    Check the mileage of the junkyard donor so you aren't getting extremely fatigued springs from a high mileage car.

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      Well i have a parts car sitting in my driveway, so u suggest that i lower that on and then do mine.
      Wait what kinda car is that!!! Oh yeah thats a ASPIRE