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    Originally posted by MiltonHavoc View Post
    So 15's are easier to find tyres for?
    I guess I'm still planning the Rio brake swap and aspire rear beam swap so I haven't delved into the tire threads yet. Guess I better get reading...

    Id still love to have a cheap import option. The minicooper website had a ton of 12 and 13" options. Enough to make me price having my 12's widened to 6.5 with a +38 offset.
    Yeah, 165 45 15 tires are pretty cheap, and work well and fit great (they are nearly the same outer diameter as the stock 12" tires)

    For wide 12" rims just get some custom golf cart or ATV wheels. Arctic cat atv wheels will bolt to a Festiva, but I didn't tell you this was a good idea, just an idea. lol. You can also get wide DOT legal 4 and 5 ply 12" tires that are meant for golf carts and ATV's. Again, not a good idea, but they can't be worse than stock 12" crap. Out of all my 155 12" tires I don't have any that are round, and some are less than a year old and have less than 2K miles on them. Junk!
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