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Wheel and Tire Dilemma

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  • Wheel and Tire Dilemma

    I'd love to get some alloys for the aspire swap I'm working on, but I just don't know what to do. I'll be running stock shocks/struts/springs for a while...

    I saw an ad on craigslist for some 15x6" escort ZX2 wheels with 185/60R15 tires for $150. And I've been looking everywhere for a picture of a festiva with these wheels, and have found nothing. Anybody running these? What would it take to get them to fit my Festy?

    There's also an ad for 5 Miata Daisies with 4 good tires for $175, but the seller said one wheel is bent (not sure how bad), and one has a little rash on the inside.

    Or should I just stick with the cheap 13" accord steelies I found for $75 bucks?

    What would you do?

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    I had 15x6's on my aspire... They looked awesome, don't know why more people don't snag those ZX-2 rims!


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      IIRC, a 60 profile on a 15" rim will not fit without a lot of modifications.
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        Originally posted by crazyrog17 View Post
        IIRC, a 60 profile on a 15" rim will not fit without a lot of modifications.
        What are we talkin here? Spacers and rolled fenders/flares or a coilover setup? Is it more of an issue in the front or the rear?


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          For 60 series on a 15" wheel, You will need spacers and a fender roll. At least when I put a set on Escort Gt wheels on mine thats what I needed. I only tried them on the back, so I can't say whats needed on the front. The Escort GT wheels are 15x5.5 Not sure but I think it was a +38 offfset.
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            ^everything beb just said! I have 15x6 wheels with 195/50 series tires which equals about out to what your talking and it was a bit of cutting and some spacers to get them on.
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