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Festiva rear brake upgrade

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    Okay now that I am not driving, rabbit/golf uses a rear beam similar to festiva. I was serious about VWs long before I owned a festiva,I ended up needing a right rear spindle for my 88 because I had list 1, but had a spindle off of a golf so I wondered how similar they were,because I was going to use the VW spindle temporarily. They were amazingly close I could have bolted it on with no more trouble than redrilling some of the mounting holes,I would have done it if hadn't found my lost festy spindle. No the cool VW Golf/Jetta/Scirocco had rear disc brake spindles that were the exact same mounting configuration and the caliper mount is part of the spindle. They were a bolt for bolt disc brake swap to non disc brake golf/rabbit/jetta/scirocco. So theoretically using VW rear disc pieces would be a super simple rear disc brake swap.As for Capri front calipers being finicky, my Rio Calipers have been sticky too,so and the VW rear emergency brakes are very delicate.
    30 + Vehicle projects right now.7 Festiva/Mazda 10 GM IDK how many others,hope that helps explain all the stupid questions/shortcuts/interchanges etc. trying to liquidate so I concentrate on the good ones. Goal finish 1 amonth using as much stuff as I already have accumulated.