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aspire suspension swap- spring cut front&rear?

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  • aspire suspension swap- spring cut front&rear?

    Hi have aspire brake and suspension ready to go into my 92 festiva.
    Have the Monroe shocks for the rear with the higher spring perch.
    Done lots of searching but a lot of varied info.
    I need to know how many coils to cut off the aspire springs front and rear to achieve a level drop. Will be running 165 50 15 tires. Would like about 2-3 inches of space between tire and wheel well.

    I have heard 1.5 coils off the front and 2 off in the back. Any advice would be great. Thanks

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    anyone? I don't want to break out springs front and rear multiple times to get right. I need a starting point


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      I'm looking for the same info, I got a b6t swapped festiva for a good deal, it needs suspension. And brakes. Lol

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        Me three!
        Only difference on my Kit is I went with new Rio struts & hats on the front, & modded the existing Aspire (KYB) rears for an adjustable perch.
        So I can lower the Rear with the perch to a degree, until it hits the inside of the R. tire.
        I cut a .5 coil off the front just for good measure but was hesitant to go wild ... But agree with others, dont relish the idea of diss and reassembling multi times to get the right drop.