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Make a Aspire rear axle lighter?

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    How fast do you think youll be going at the end of the 1/4? I think just rear brakes will work to stop you by the end using the engine to slow down, But the car would be useless for anything else. And my guessing means a lot less than anyone elses advice here btw.
    Leave all the brakes in, do a 1/4mile run and see if you stop fast enough using just the handbrake.
    If you do you can remove booster, pedal, hoses, all that junk and just use the handbrake.

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      That's not a fair comparison, the handbrake can't impart as much force as the hydraulics, and they activate/apply differently.
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        It's good to keep in mind that dragsters typically have brakes on the drive wheels. Most dragsters are rear wheel drive, so the wide sticky rubber is out back and this works to slow them down (along with a chute of coarse). FWD drag cars have the wide sticky rubber up front. The back wheels should only be thought of as a wheelie bar, and should not be used for much else.
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          Just tie a bunch of Walmart Shopping bags together to act as a parachute that you can throw out of the window to slow you down!
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