I have had a B6T & Ms2 sitting around for a while now with plans of fitting to my mrs 99 festiva. It couldn't really afford to pull car off the rd. I have recently been given a company car so the mrs is now using my Commodore... There has been 1 good thing to the delay though, I have recently helped a work mate fabricate a ladder bar rear end & tubs to a Commodore his building. He also replaced the front struts with coilovers, fabricating his own strut mounts for more camber/castor alignment. Also fabricating from scratch his own adjustable lower control arm... I just learnt how easy it is to do 👍👍
So we now have the festiva in a corner of workshop at work (metal fab shop) & r in process of building a Jig that will locate all the important parts were we want them & give us reliable repeatable measurments..
Only have to decide wether we fabricate it our selves or source something close in a new model vehicle
(Possible with electronic controlled suspension) & make that fit ???