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Lower Radiator Support Beam

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  • Lower Radiator Support Beam

    Here is what the inside of the lower support beam looks like. It will give you an idea why they flex and why it is recommended that they be strengthen / reinforced.

    I am making a new one out of 2" x 3" x .125" wall steel and will weld it onto two pieces of .125" thick steel plate for bolting onto the bumper attachment area.

    There will be cut outs on the beam for both access and to help lighten it.

    NOTE: the piece of steel sticking out of the center of the support was a temporary piece I welded on to help in fitting the
    Aspire cover to the car.

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    I have done 2 of these now. I found that the bolt on vs weld on makes no difference. I would rather weld on if i did it again. It serves no point to bolt on. I would rather that part never come los as there would be a chance to not go back together the same way. Either way tho it must be done. Bolt on or weld on the support is a must.
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