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Festiva vs Aspire rear beam dimms

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  • Festiva vs Aspire rear beam dimms

    Played with some measurements last night while trying to fit some 13x7 et15 wheels on Chris's car.
    The aspire and festiva rear beams (backing plate mounting pad to backing plate mounting pad) are the same at 52 1/4".
    Aspire drum +backing plate is 3 1/8"
    Festiva drum+backing plate is 2 3/4"
    This gives and overall width (drum face to drum face) of 58 1/2" for aspire and 57 3/4" for Festiva, which matches our actual measured numbers from assembled beams.
    Add about 1/4" per side if you have camber spacers (as measured at the spindle centerline).

    So there is about a 3/8" (~10mm) difference in backspace required if switching between Festiva/Aspire rear drums. A +25mm wheel on a Festiva setup would need to be a +35mm wheel on an aspire setup to put the tire in the same spot.

    Maybe this will help someone else out!

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    Good to know Nate, thank you for crunching the numbers.
    Trees aren't kind to me...

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      Maybe that's why my 15x7 +40's fit
      91GL BP/F3A with boost
      13.79 @ 100, 2.2 60' on 8 psi and 155R12's