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  • Got my parts!!!

    Those of you on Facebook probably have seen but I have got everything I need for the aspire brake swap and this week I aught to be able to get down to business. After a little cleaning, parts will be ready! I bought the spacers for the rear just in case I need them. Hopefully I don't have to roll the fendersbut I guess we will see soon enough!!

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    Spare tire?


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      Great, can I see a pic of the wheels on the blue car with the big red FESTIVA please.....thanks. mark
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        Originally posted by Studebaker View Post
        Spare tire?
        If he gets a fifth 14" rim, those size tires (165/50-14) do fit very easily in the spare tire well. I have the exact same tires. They are about 0.6" smaller radius than 155/80-12.
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