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Aspire swap and custom wheels

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    Thank you all for your input!! I think those dual pattern wheels might be the solution. I will be able to swap the aspire brakes, etc. up front but maintain the festy stuff in the rear. The best of both worlds. I will also be able to do the advance suspension setup with these? The good news keeps flowing!

    All I have to do now if find a junk car to pull some hubs off of!


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      Originally posted by Flw Sock View Post
      I will also be able to do the advance suspension setup with these?
      No car too fast !


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        You can also do brake swaps from different cars to keep the 4x114.3 up front like the Mercury Capri. Try typing "Brake Swap" into the search bar with the quotations to see what all is available.
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          14x6 works great with 165-55-14 tires. Use dual bolt pattern wheels and you won’t have to drill the rear hubs if you use Aspire/Rio front knuckles. Aspire has 4x100, stock Festiva is 4x114.3
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