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  • Honda D16Z6 swap worklog

    Alright! This is my first forum post of any kind in a long damn time and my first here!

    The Festiva easily in my top 5 bucket cars! This gem popped up on marketplace a few days ago and my lovely wife was sick of me pouting everytime I missed out on one, so she offered to loan me her tattoo fund. I was extra pouty this time, because Copart REALLY gave it to me good on this pos, with over $325 in fee on a $325 bid... yeah I'm still pretty salty about it.

    I've wanted to do a BP swap in one of these for so long! I used to be pretty deep into the 1st gen Proteges back in the day.

    My old Protege from the early 00s. Running MS 2.0 with B6T rods and a HX-30. BUT the 90s Mazda/Ford stuff is getting REALLY hard to find these days!

    Now that's got the old gears turning... I was planning on swapping the D16Z6 (mad vtec yo!) into my EK rallycross/stage rally advanced sweep car but let's be honest it'll probably get stolen or wrapped around a tree eventually and the Festiva has way less rust. So I think I'm going to giver a go!

    I'm going to try to document everything and keep it all here as best as I can. Facebook has all but killed off a lot of the chat forums and it's make information harder to find. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be putting pictures up there and Instagram, but I want to have all the details here.

    So far the loose long term plan is to set it up to be a good corner carver and maybe get back into autocrossing. 13 by 7 wheels with some good rubber, maybe 130 wheel hp, the standard coilover package, and better seats. But I have to add, progress will probably be fairly slow. I have 2 other project cars, 3 kids, a garage with as much space as I have free time, and about $50 a week for a budget if I'm lucky. Plus I still owe my wife her tattoo fund lol!

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    Welcome to the forum. This forum lost a lot to facebook. I happen to be a never fb and I think eventually a lot of guys that left for fb will eventually return to this forum. Where abouts are you located? You mentioned 3 kids. Sounds like a good opportunity to teach them auto repair. It's better than playing video games. Good luck with your Festiva.
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    '91 Festiva L, 5 speed, bought to drive while putting the B6T in the '93. now B6ME powered.


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      Super minor update: My wife has been payed back in full lol! I finally got the car in the garage just in time for the highs below 0*F and my little propane forge can't keep up. At least it gives me plenty of time to plan. I've been reading and rereading the class rules for Scca's solo street mod fwd and refining my swap plan.

      I've been messaging someone doing the same swap. His IG is festiva_si. I'm not sure what his SN is here. I was plaining on following his path but after some thinking about it... a lot. Cutting and sleeving the axles is better option for my needs. I'd much rather have an axle sleeve fail over a caliper adapter.
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        Sweet! Keep us updated!
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          After a LOT of soul searching and pondering, I have decided the D16 swap is just not the right way to go. I really dislike the "Honda way", plus Copart really screwed me with their fees on the donor Del Sol and I don't really want to bring that bad juju to this car.

          I'm going to continue to give the old girl a freshen up, get all the suspension sorted and just autocross the snot out of the ol' carby B3 until I can find a XR-2 turbo or something.


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            there is more support here for that swap and its a proven platform. originality asside, is the juice worth the squeeze on the honda swap? me thinks no.

            Jesus loves me. This I know.

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