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2019 ~ B3 Drag Race Challenge ~ Rules - Information - Rankings

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  • 2019 ~ B3 Drag Race Challenge ~ Rules - Information - Rankings

    2019 ~ B3 Drag Race Challenge

    I decided to post this challenge because it should be something that everyone can be involved in no matter how much money you have. This challenge will not have a large cash prize at the end of it or anything like but instead you will get bragging rights so spend whatever you think that is worth. This challenge is a form of motivation for me and hopefully everyone else involved. Lets see how innovative we can get without cutting our cars up to much.

    The Competition will be split into two classes with a top 5 List hosted on the Forum and Periodically posted on the Facebook Page.
    1. All Motor
    2. Power Adders (Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharger etc…)
    3. We will be using the 1/8th mile times to give more people a chance to compete.
    4. A small group of members will be put together to form a council just in case something odd pops up that needs to be ruled on.
    5. Submit time slips using this LINK to the 2019 ~ B3 Drag Race Challenge ~ Time Slips and Discussions

    1. Engine can be modified but you must retain the B3 Block. (Only 1 engine providing power to the wheels at a time)
    2. No Tire/Wheel restrictions.
    3. No Transmission Limitations.
    4. No Engine Management Limitations.
    5. No Budget.
    6. Must Provide List of Performance Modifications.
    7. Proof Must Be Provided in the Form of a Time Slip with matching picture of Car with Race Numbers
    8. Pictures of Time Slip must be provided within 1 month of actual race date. (No holding slips till the end of the year)
    9. Must have doors, floors, and some sort of window coverings.
    10. No Cutting the roof off to save weight. (If vehicle was modified into a truck prior to 2019 it can enter but proof must be provided)
    11. Be Cool About It - Don't Be an A-Hole - Be Safe - Share your knowledge – etc

    We should have some prizes setup for the end of the year like some custom decals courtesy of and possibly some trophies along with other things we can gather throughout the year. If you want to donate a prize or have ideas PM me.

    Top 5 All Motor Class
    1. Firebush357 - 11.251
    2. Steven Bloomfield - 11.361
    3. Will Samet - 11.741
    4. Isaac Rodriguez 11.777
    5. Spec-D - 13.47

    Top 5 Power Adder Class
    1. Firebush357 - 10.629

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS POST FOR DISCUSSION - USE THE B3 Drag Race Challenge ~ Time Slips and Discussions FORUM INSTEAD!
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