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More B3 testing. 8mph gain

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  • More B3 testing. 8mph gain

    It wasn’t without a little drama. The nitrous is scary and the car makes a lot of noises going down the track I have never heard any car do before. It shook really hard on the first run, the second pass it had a nitrous back fire through the intake so I shut the nitrous and extra fuel off on the shifts. The third run it had its second timing error of the night while still making noises out of the intake. If I take the timing error into account it should have run a 12.7@111.

    I figured it had made it that far and I might as well try on more time. So I switched lanes as I had two identical timing errors in the other lane. Boom, 12.8@110.91

    It is having a problem wanting to rev out. I don’t know if it is valve float or I am having serious power production issues. I was targeting 7,100rpm shift points on the last two passes. It noses over hard at 6,800rpm in every gear but first. Enough to where I literally was thinking well, it won’t rev any higher, I better shift. It is like it is hitting a wall. My gut tells me it is power production but, it didn’t really fall off but about 30hp from the peak in that range. Who knows. I will obviously fix that when I get my parts with the cylinder head that is already done, the new camshaft that should be here any day and a set of rods and pistons that can take more power.

    There is definite ET missing from it nosing over. That is an 8mph gain with about 45hp more uncorrected.

    1710lbs with me in full race trim(nitrous and new turbo added 30lbs)
    5,800ft elevation
    8,440ft density altitude
    24psi boost pressure
    14psi back pressure
    75hp shot of nitrous on from the two step to the stripe
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    Nice to see the b3 running hard


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      Very impressive for the B3. Any follow ups on this or has everyone gone to Facebook to get zucked?
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