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    While dropping the gas tank from my festiva I broke a line that's attached to the side of it, I was wondering what it was for. I was told it was an overflow line but just wanted to make sure and I can't find anything about it in Haynes. '88 festiva L 1.3L
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    Which line? Is it the one to the immediate left of the main fill tube?
    If so, that's the overflow tube. Be careful not to overfill your tank untill you can get another one from the junk yard.
    I threw out my evap system. You can see the plugs where the other hoses were attached.
    You must vent your gas cap before you do something similar.


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      The line isn't on the inside if the car at all and is the smallest one there (about the size of a brake line).


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        Sounds like the evap line runs all the way up to the drivers side were it turns to a rubber line and goes into the charcoal canister.