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June FOTM Winner!

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  • June FOTM Winner!

    Congrats to Cyclonecj!

    Originally posted by cyclonecj View Post
    Been waiting to re-enter my little car for a while. Lots of work done since last year when I co-won in June. Going for a solo win!

    This is the story from last year, with minor updates:

    Here is my 92 Festiva. 1.3L 5spd, A/C, Sport interior, & Bone stock. The Little Car!

    Itís been part of the family for 19 years. I bought it because I was broke & changing to a better job, & could not afford to drive my truck to the new job every day, so I borrowed $500 for the down pmt on a $2000 car with 124k miles. It now has 270K miles, & has only had a few minor repairs (clutch, radiator & water pump, C/V shafts). It just keeps going....

    My 2 daughters always called it the Little car, which has always stuck. They both used it to learn to drive a stick, then took their drivers test in it, as well as learning how to tow & back up a trailer. Since I tow a ski boat with the truck, I added a hitch & my daughter towed the ski to the lake every weekend for many years. Occasionally, I will still use it to tow the ski if I go up to the delta on a solo trip. It's amazing how many comments I get when I pull up to the launch ramp. BTW... Towing at 65 with the A/C on, it still gets 36mpg!

    When my son-in-law had his car stolen, he borrowed it for a year before finally talking me into selling it to him. After another year, he blew out a CV shaft, & thinking it was the trans, he gave it back to me because his dad bought him a Mustang. I was so happy to have it back, I restored it back to excellent condition & have been driving it almost every day, (even though I have a new car sitting at home)! I have a few friends begging me to sell it, but it will never leave me again.

    Since then, I have done quite a bit of work. I had the front seat (original red-stripe sport seat) re-foamed, & while he had it apart I had heated seat warmers added. The entire front suspension has been rebuilt, using Rio strut mounts, new CV shafts, tie rods, boots, etc. I spent 2 weeks trying to remove a CV shaft, gave up, & had to replace the trans with a spare in the garage.

    I replaced the rear deck with a solid wood panel so I could add some REAL speakers, & covered it with grey cloth to hide it.

    All lights have been converted to LED, & the headlights & fog/driving lights upgraded to relay.

    In February, my grandson removed the stock wheels, installed studs & new 14" wheels. Really... he did everything. I had to loosen the lugs, & torque them at the end. He is only 5. Good times.

    Just got back from an 800 mile mountain road trip with my sister & her husband. Car ran so good, with the exception of it puking some oil on the way home. Yet, in true Festiva fashion, it still got me home!

    Last, it took me 19 years, but I finally made the name official. Custom plates.

    Will Samet

    JDMSTIVA - Rest in Peace. Festiva of the Month, May '16 - Best Beater & Bad Luck Award, FMX - (Build Thread)

    JDMSTIVA V2 - Racecar, Showcar, Work in Progress - (Build Thread)

    1990 LX - B6D swapped, mostly stock.

    How to find me:
    Facebook messenger is the best way.
    Feel free to PM me anytime!
    Reddit / Snapchat / everywhere else: w4rky
    Instagram/Twitter: @WILLSAMET

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    "The White Turd" 1993 Festiva 144k miles. (Winner of FOTM November 2016)
    "The Rusty Banana" 1990 Yellow 5 Speed Mud Festiva (Lifted with 27" BKT Tractor Tires)(Winner of "Best Beater Award" - Madness 12 - 201

    "Papa Smurf" 1992 Blue 5 Speed Shell
    "Cracker?" (name pending) 1992 White Auto Shell (Future BP Swap)
    "Green Car..." Scrap Car that Runs?!?
    "Red Car..." Complete Scrap Car

    "El Flama Blanca" 1993 Festiva 104k miles. (Lil Brothers Car)


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      Nice great work!!!

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        Congrats Cyclonecj, it was you and i that tied for FOTM its great to see you win on your own you and your car deserve it.
        An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.


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          Thanks everyone... Its been 19 wonderful years with this car, & I am as happy with it now as I ever was. Easily the best car I have ever owned!
          92 Festiva GL Sport 5spd A/C 282k miles
          Power windows, Power door locks, & Heated seats !
          Festiva of the month co-winner June 2017
          Festiva of the month winner June 2018


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            Congrats! Amazing car!

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              congrats!very clean festy!
              2005 IASCA WORLD CHAMPION


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                Little Car, look perfect! Nice work!