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Cable vs Hydraulic Clutch

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  • Cable vs Hydraulic Clutch

    My cars (and truck) are all manual. I was thinking of getting an automatic when I got my new car, but still prefer how a manual handles and accelerates. A friend of mine said I was much too young to be driving an automatic and I could kill an auto tranny with my driving style = not gentle with gas pedal.

    Anyway, should a hydraulic clutch be handled differently then a cable clutch? :scratch:
    I burnt the clutch (hydraulic) on my Altima after two years, cost major $$$ to fix :evil: What the F*** could I have done wrong. Had been driving a stick for years, without problems. Garage (dealer) said it was my pant saver floor mat that went underneath the clutch pedal, I think that's BS.

    I just don't want to screw up the clutch on my new baby

    ps Although the new car is smoother, quieter, more bells and whistles, cup holders, dash heat... I have a big grin when I drive this :festiva:

    pps The Cow suggested tyranny for tranny ...
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    probably not bs. floor mats under the clutch, brake and gas pedal are one of the leading causes for concerns. under the gas, folks complain about lack of power. Under the brake, they complain about excessive pedal effort and long stopping distances. Under the clutch, they complain about early wear and gear clash. If the pedal can't go down all the way, the clutch can't completely disengage, causing the friction disc to drag on the flywheel and pressure plate. This causes rapid wear, and some power to continue being sent into the trans, making shifting difficult and noisy on occasion.
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      I agree with FB71

      You can test to see if your clutch is dragging. Standing still with the brakes on push your clutch in normal then put it in 5th gear. If it bogs a little or grinds, it's dragging; if rpms stay constant, it's not.

      This won't work with bigger engines. If you have a Cummins it's not going to work. You can start from a stop in 6th gear without touching the throttle. Diesels are aw some :twisted:
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        Thanks Guys! :thumbright:

        The PantSaver floor mat will be goign on the butcher's clock B4 they go in the car.

        My friend has a Golf diesel, he can start the car in 1st, without touching the clutch and it just vrooms forward!
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          something else would be to bleed the clutch fluid fairly regularly. I do this once a year in the Beetle, because if the fluid has bubbles in it, it won't lift the plate all the way off of the flywheel and will also cause a drag. But floormats are a big, and often overlooked cause. My friend experienced something similar in his Cav... after running a lot slower than normal at the track, he realized his mat had crept up under the pedal and kept the throttle from opening all the way.


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            my festiva can go up to about 5 km/h without giving it gas. my clutch is so worn it's not even funny, but it still drives so there's no way i'm getting it replaced anytime soon. go festy go!
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