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    this is my first post i hope i dont get roasted for posting in the wrong section or something, but If you are interested in watching a festiva build on youtube you can check out my channel, here is the link to our latest video the its not the best but quality but im working with what i got!

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    Welcome and very nice first post! Video was interesting.
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      Great Job Theo

      Do you plan to continue filming? May I suggest a Tripod and some time lapse video of the cutting and welding and stuff like that. Maybe voice it over later as needed or slow it back down to talk to the camera.
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        Looks like you guys are keeping the work area clean too; that should keep Mother Tucker happy!
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          Welcome! Should be fun when your done. Have you posted on facebook? Your work area looks familiar...

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            Thanks for all the feedback, we will continue to film videos on the build!!!
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