Hi all...1st post. Just joined today. I have my eyes on a 1st Gen Festiva. Very solid, rust free car. Actually, it's fairly pristine, with around 70k miles on it. Lots of new parts, and even some aftermarket "Goodies". Considering it to build a "Cone Chaser" (Auto Cross Car). It has the 1.6L Kent Crossflow engine and 4 speed transaxle. Unfortunately #3 rod decided to exit the block, hence the owner is willing to sell it to me. IF I pull the trigger on this car, I'll be in the market for one of these engines. A little research shows they were in the '71-'73 Pintos as well. Anyone here have one for sale, hopefully within 100 miles of NE Ohio? Or do you know of a Junkyard with one, or the aforementioned Pintos? I can be reached at RThew12@Hotmail.com, or a post here. I'll check in daily for replies. Thanks for your time reading this!