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Finding body parts in Europe

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  • Finding body parts in Europe


    So I'm About to buy a -88 Mazda 121 DA (EU Spec Festiva) that has damage on the front driver side corner. I am missing the bumper blinker, clear corner light and headlight washer nozzle

    The problem is that I'm located in Finland and there ain't really many 121s left here, 81 registered ones remaining AFAIK. Also the market for body parts is pretty much non existant in Europe. And no, I haven't found a single parts car either.

    So I was wondering if anyone knows about stores with international shipping without ridiculous prices for parts or shipping. I would assume Japan has market for these but it's very difficult for me to find such store as a foreigner.

    Information about cars with parts that fit the 121/Festiva would also be helpful, I would assume there is another car with at least similiar lamps as most of japanese cars had similiar front end design in the 80's

    Any help appreciated

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    here is a UK ebayer that should ship to you. the 121 uses the same turn signal as the Kia pride and festiva and early Mazda 626. the left and right should be interchangable although this seller lists both. the wire end might be different so you might gave to splice your old connector onto it.
    the corner lamp is hard to find but sometimes pops up on which side do you need?
    headlight washer. WOW! never saw a nozzle or switch for sale in almost 20 years of ebay shopping. I only have pictures from service manuals. since you have the 2 motor washer bottle I would just replace both nozzles with ones from an easier source (BMW, Mercedes, Audi)?


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      Thanks for the info about the turn signal. The nozzles I probably have to retrofit from another car. I
      I need the left (driver) side corner lamp. In the meantime I'm gonna test if a corner lamp from a Mazda B series pickup from the 80's could fit with some modification but still keeping a lookout for the original one

      EDIT: B2200 corner lamp doesn't fit