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  • junk yard daze

    those people are way over pricing their festiva parts. but anyways i was lookin around and saw the worst festiva copy ever. a Daihatsu charade. one word for that car EEEWWW! but i fell back in love with volvo 240 wagons. i want one so bad.
    it'll do the 1/8 in 13.7, spin tires, and make all my drunk buddies giggle.

    "I like a Festiva because there's less car to get in the way of the driving experience"

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    lol, i changed the oil in one of those the other day!'s_Daihatsu_Charade.JPG
    when it was pulling in one of the guys was like "look its even smaller than your car"! Its really probably about the same size, but it had a 1.1L 3 banger in it. When i pulled the cap off the VC the sludge inside was so built up i could only see the top of the springs, i'm amazed it was still running... the guy got an "oil system cleaner" (sorta like seafoam in the oil, run the car for 5 mins, then drain it). He needed more of a re-build!

    the guy said "man i can get almost 50mpg!", i wanted to say "you could get a festiva with more power and whole lot better looking and get the same mpg's!", but i didn't, lol. I like small cars and boxes, but thats one of the ugliest i've ever seen....

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      Some of the charades came with a 1.6 16 valve. 88 festiva LX w/BP G25 MR 5 speed waiting for wiring- 93 Festiva GL auto w/ air, waiting for B6t/G4A-HL - 98 Nissan Quest - 02 Mazda protege 5 wife's DD


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        I'd kill to get my hands on a charade
        The Jester - Midwest Festiva Inc., Missouri Chapter


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          charades are ugly? ^.^; i think they are cool looking... ^^:


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            I always thought Charades were kinda cool, the same way Festies are cool... Also, Daihatsu is owned by Toyota. Just FYI...
            Jim DeAngelis

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