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pictures of my old festiva!!!

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  • pictures of my old festiva!!!

    I sold my festiva a year ago. I built it myself, raced the hell out of it and sold it for 3k. I found some old pics thought i would throw um up.

    Thank you..

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    lovely I don't understand how your turbo is running. can you fill me in?
    :protest:1990 Ford Festiva


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      -93' L BP swap/e-series, coilovers, RIO front swap, redrilled festy drums, Miata 14" 7 spokes.
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        Originally posted by Otakuphill View Post
        lovely I don't understand how your turbo is running. can you fill me in?
        In line AFM. Not the best way, but when you have a turbo that big it doesnt matter if it is before or after the inlet, the barn door is pegged out fairly quickly! basically he has a WOT tune, when he give it gas (enough to open the afm fully) it will just go to a default that is tuned by a wide band o2 reading AFR.

        Awesome set up man.
        Ian Carr
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        Every car I have owned has had a turbo in it, until I bought this latest festiva.. I plan to fix that though.


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          man i loved that car i wish i would have had the money to pick it up. where you running a stock tubular manifold and then take a pipe up to the turbo? or was it a completly fabricated manifold? any more pics of the build up? did you have a phantom grip? did you ever dyno it?


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            I'd like more information on how this turbo system works... Did you have to do any changes to the fuel system on the bp?
            90 festiva BP/G25MR swap, spec v seats, aspire brakes, FMS springs, round headlight conversion with HID's, custom exhaust, fiberglass hood, and a whole lotta bodywork
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              Do I sense some sellers remorse ? I remember your car. Nice !
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                Aren't you still the 1/4 mile festiva king with that one? Building a new one yet?
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