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    Here's a link with a list of wheels that are a direct fit to the Festiva. Somewhere, there is a list of wheels that fit Festivas, and wheels that fit Aspires, which you would need if you did the Aspire Brake Swap.

    Discuss improvements to your Festiva or Aspire in the handling, braking, wheels and tires areas.

    Or, here's the list I was looking for. Should have read down a couple of posts.
    Discuss improvements to your Festiva or Aspire in the handling, braking, wheels and tires areas.

    Handy list to have with you in the junkyard
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      Welcome aboard!

      You'll be amazed at the things you can do with your festy, and the many cool things that other members here have done, with their own cars.

      Dig-in, and enjoy!


      Famous Last Words: "How hard can it be?"


      • #18 have not been to a forum until u went to guys will rip you apart and eat ur innards for any question u ask...ahahahaha

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          -Escort GT 91 donor car with BP, G5M-R tranny to be dropped in the little guy...
          -Aspire brake swap COMPLETE!


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            Roid rage ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


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              "I must say I'm quite impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone seems to be on here. Other forums I frequent usually don't take all to kindly to the new guy. I'm glad to have found this place and already feel very much at home. "

              If you've got a festiva, this is your home. Its a community adoption thingy. Glad to hear youve got some TLC planned for our...., I mean your, new festy. Good luck and keep us posted.
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