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Junkyarding in Winston-Salem today

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    I went to LKQ in Garner on Saturday.
    One 1989 Festiva LX picked clean. ( I guess Dean and Sam beat me to it :-) )
    and one Aspire, still had its brakes, I may have to do something about that this weekend :-) .
    There was also a 1989 Tracer with 1.6L and 5 speed, I might have to grab that one.
    And a whole lot of clunker cars - its a shame to see some of the cars that got turned in.
    Two that stood out to me were a 1986 540 or 560 Benz sport coupe and a 2nd gen RX7.

    I would like to do a BP swap but I would rather have a carb and not EFI.
    I don't think they made a carb BP :-(
    1988 Festiva LX Silver 5speed. 219,000 miles. My new daily driver.
    1988 Festiva L Plus Red 2brl 4speed. 504,477 miles and holding till I get the speed-o fixed.
    2003 Mustang GT 5speed