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Thinking of a Festiva (Aspire) paint job

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  • Thinking of a Festiva (Aspire) paint job

    Hey guys, I was thinking of giving my festy a spruce up.
    Here is a pic of it currantly

    And heres a pic of under the hood

    Now the colour of the rocker cover is what I want to two tone it with.
    The line around the front bumper and the plastic strips on the doors will be where the two colours meet.
    I want to paint it silver on top and blue on the bottom.
    The mirrors will be blue, the grill behind the badge will be blue, the plastic on the rear hatch handle will be blue, the instrament surround and the vents will be blue, the centre console will be blue. Otherwise everything else will be stock colour. I have seen Festys getting around with a stock blue intrament panel. (the backing to the speedo, tacho etc is blue) So I am going to get one of those.

    I am replacing the engine down the track with a B6 (I hope) and the engine will be blue and black most likely.

    Then later I will get my dad to airbrush my computer business on the sides instead of the magnets.

    What do you guys think? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanx guys!
    Fun and Festy!
    My Festy, My Girls Festy and My Hillman Minx

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    That's quite the car wash.
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