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  • cheap pump

    Well I got my new fuel pump from genesis auto parts today. Installed it already doing fine so far. So we will see how there quality is.

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    Details, man!

    How cheap? What brand? Any online links? Where is Genesis located? Is it a local company, etc?

    Inquiring minds desire to know!

    I paid about $170 or so for an Airtex brand FP and sock from Advance Auto Parts a few weeks ago. I does make a bit of a whine but appears to be doing well.

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      That one?

      Thats *too* cheap.

      Are you sure its new? Almost seems like they just rip used ones out of junk cars and clean em up and resale.
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        The pump was23.78 plus s & h altogether it was 29.78 yes it was brand new pump. no middle men. They wholesale no wine in pump quiet runnin one. One year warranty i believe. Geneva california. Took about a week to get it. Came fed ex.
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