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b3 almost ready.!!!

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  • b3 almost ready.!!!

    so last night i installed the bp injectors and the bp ecu. it is now running great, revving over 7000rpm and engine is taking it. it now feels like it added power . soon i will be putting the turbo but before that i will be adding some other cool custom stuff to the festiva from other cars. it might sound crazy putting and installing one stuff from other cars but yea thats how this festiva is going to be=). well its going tobe allot of work installing stuff from other cars to this one but not impossible.

    last night i also raced my big brother with his honda civic hatch gsr, against my stock festiva with just a little mods and the bp injectors and the ecu. in first gear i went off on him, was beating him by 1 in a half car in second gear was still beating him but once he hit third he caught up and beat me by 1 car.

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