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Well, I figured I'd introduce her...

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  • Well, I figured I'd introduce her...

    This is my second Festiva. I got her sometime last February or March, but I haven't really put up many pictures. So, here's Trixie!

    A little lived-in, but I'm a college student

    And of course, her heart

    I plan to do an Aspire swap eventually when I visit my parents out in the sticks of Arkansas. I can only do so much tinkering in an apartment parking lot lol
    - 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3L 141,240 mi (Traded...wish I hadn't)
    - 1996 Ford Probe SE 2.0L Auto 126,000 mi
    - 1988 Festiva "Hermes" 1.3L Carb. 4-spd. 167,000 mi (Found a new home)
    - 1994 Escort GT, 5-spd. with Pacesetter header, and exhaust kit 101,412mi (RIP...T-boned by ditzy driver)
    - 2002 Hyundai Accent 1.5L Auto 164,000mi ( this is air conditioning...)
    - 1991 Festiva, 1.3L 5-spd. 75,802 miles. Goes by "Trixie"