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    So I came up with an idea because of the frequent hardware store runs I've been making as of late: why not have a compendium of all of the things you can do to your Festiva (whether repair or modification) at the local hardware store? I made a similar $50 DIY thread last year, but this time there is no budget restriction - only location, location, location. I've got a whole bunch to start us off, and so feel free to contribute and include similar information below. Then I'll get a mod/admin to edit them into the table below here. Please include a link to pictures and a budget estimate if at all possible!

    1 Suspension Threaded rear swaybar $15-20
    2 Suspension Control arm brace $5-10
    3 Suspension Rear strut bar $20-30
    4 Suspension Lower rear seat brace $5-10
    5 Engine Cleaning your electrical grounds $5-10
    6 Engine Painting the valve cover $5-10
    7 Engine Ported/drilled factory airbox $5 N/A
    8 Engine Airbox cold air feed pipe $10-20
    9 Engine Oil catch can $10-20
    10 Engine Radiator cooling plate $5-10
    11 Transmission Bronze flange shifter bushings $5-20
    12 Exterior Painted steel wheels $10-20
    13 Exterior Decal/emblem/sticker removal $10-20
    14 Exterior Bumper lips $5-10
    15 Interior Insulating the trunk area $20-40
    16 Interior Insulating the cabin $50-200
    17 Interior Insulating the wheel wells $15-30
    18 Interior Insulating the doors $10-20
    19 Interior Insulating the fender wells $15-30
    20 Interior Insulating the roof $20-40
    21 Interior Insulating the rear quarter panels $20-40
    22 Interior Insulating the weatherstripping $20-30
    23 Interior Spare tire plywood cover $5-10
    24 Interior Carpet replacement $10-50
    1988 Chevy Sprint Turbo 997cc

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    wow! thanks ^
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      Very cool, thx too!
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        Awesome! I definitely saved this in a safe location
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          Awesome thread! Sticky or death to the mods
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            Great Post! I saved it. Feedback time!!
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              Thanks everyone. Much appreciated!
              1988 Chevy Sprint Turbo 997cc


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                home depo racing FTW!!!

                Mike, AKA the sasquatch
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                  Also painting brake calipers, and drums.

                  Anywhere $5-$10 for a can.

                  Plan on doing that myself sometime.
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                    Muratic Acid for dipping small brackets etc...
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