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  • Festy mechanic needed Vancouver area


    I no longer have space for working on my Festiva, nor much time available. It's a '92 with 85K kilometres. I need to get brakes, front wheel bearings, timing belt done and I'd rather not take it to Canadian Tire. Any recommendations for a good shop or home mechanic or Festy nut who can help me out with this? I have some parts and will pay the going rate. TIA

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    Sasquatch (from this forum, and owner of Zippy) is the man you want to see. Seems he's been instrumental in helping Vancouverites with their Festys. I think/suspect that he owns and operates a repair facility. Just watch out a B6T doesn't suddenly appear under the hood while the brakes are being re-done. He'll probably get you steered on to Aspire/Rio brakes too, if you're serious about keeping the car.


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      which vancouver are you in kit?

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        Originally posted by roadkyll View Post
        which vancouver are you in kit?
        How many Vancouver cities do you know that might have a Canadian "Pneu"?


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          Hey Rod,

          I'm in BC, Canada. Sorry, sometimes I forget about our Southern cousin


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            Thanks, Bert!


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              Originally posted by Kit View Post
              Thanks, Bert!
              Kit wouldn't be short for Kitsilano now would it? Didn't Vancouver get it's name from British warship Captain Vancouver catching a spear in the chest from restless natives 300 years ago?


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                Hi Kit, and welcome to the forum! Once your Festiva is repaired consider coming out this way for Westiva 2013. You can find all the info here. There are a couple of guys coming from your area so perhaps a convoy is in order :mrgreen:
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                  For those geographically-challenged Festiva owners, Washington State has a Vancouver fronting on the Columbia River across from Portland. No, not the Portland in Maine, but the one in Oregon.

                  For those geographically-challenged about Alaska, just south of Anchorage, we have the city of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula, but the Seward Peninsula is many hundreds of miles to the northwest on the Bering Sea, and contains Nome. About 100 miles north of Nome is Railroad City, on the banks of the Yukon River, about 1000 river-miles from the Yukon Territory in the Canadia Arctic. Curiously, Railroad City doesn't have any railroad tracks, or roads, or, to the best of my knowledge, people. Nome has an interesting suburb called Council, reachable by 65-mile gravel freeway from Nome (sort of, it's across the river from the end of the road and there isn't a bridge), and has numerous streets and homes including telephone poles with power lines connected to the houses, but no power, since the transmission line from Nome ends about 50 miles before Council. Council even has a nice airport, but no people, since they all moved to Nome about 112 years ago (two years before Wilbur and Orvill first flew at Kitty Hawk), when the gold ran out in Council. Is it any wonder that Sarah Palin is confused?
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