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GM 3800 series engines...

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  • GM 3800 series engines...

    Instead of the SHO dream, how about a 160+ 1.6 or 1.8 in the front, and a GM in the back with an automatic transmission. Maybe have it controlled by a separate pull throttle attached to the steering wheel?

    You could even conceal the engine in the rear by making it out to be an oversized 20" speaker box....

    Sadly, more of these than the SHO engines.
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    I buddy of mine has been working for years on what he calls the "38(00) Special". It is a rear engine 1st gen metro with a 3800SC in the back. Don't know if he'll ever finish it or not, but if he does it will be sweet. And you're right, there are TONS of GM 3.8s out there for the taking, very cheap too compared to SHO motors, and a lot of them are on Buicks and Oldsmobiles that have been babied their whole life as well.
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      Any pics?
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        These 3800s are tough as nails.

        For the sho engine , they are dirt cheap , ( hint hint) You just need to find em.

        If you look carefully you should pay around 300-400$ and you can have a full drivetrain.