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  • Belayed introduction

    Hi, I thought I had posted an introduction but I guess I did not.

    I am mainly a Subaru guy, but wanted a second car for backup purposes. Picked up a 1988 LX for $800. Has 220k miles on it, and although the fabric inside is a bit dirty, overall its in very good condition. Runs VERY strong (although it is very obvious that the valvetrain needs an adjustment). Had original owner for 2 years, then from 90 to 2006 it looks like second owner, third owner from 2006 to 2013. The maintenance appears to have been pretty well taken care of... has a "Ford remanufactured" alternator vs a cheapo chain store lifetime warranty crap, newer wires, plugs, dist cap, napa filters, etc. Tires all match, stereo is original, the wiring all works, and I have had it over 85mph already which it does smoothly and without drama. All of this seems amazing to me since most other vehicles in this price range are completely clapped out around here.

    Tilt steering and dual power mirrors is also pretty impressive on a late 80's microcar. I had driven an Aspire several years ago and hated it. Felt cheap and poorly built. This thing on the other hand feels very similar to my 323 I had for a few years. The "Mazdaness" was definitely kept intact by Kia for these.
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    Oldest Festiva on the forum (so far) 3/87 LX - 225k
    89 Tracer 13" alloys and dome light. Pioneer stereo, all else is stock.

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    That's the awesome thing about these cars.
    They can be had for so cheap and run better than almost any other cars for the same price used.

    Running my tires.


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      oops title is supposed to say belated not belayed.

      Anyway yeah, I think the misconception as a horrible cheapo car (eg Fun with Dick and Jane remake) that smokes rattles and falls apart keeps the prices low. Fine with me I think, driving is believing. As for the Aspire, I know that mechanically they are similar, and maybe the one I drove just wasn't taken care of, but it really felt like a lot of the cost cutting done by many brands in this timeframe also occured to the platform. Also not a real big fan of the "rounding/ovalizing" that happened in the 90's
      Oldest Festiva on the forum (so far) 3/87 LX - 225k
      89 Tracer 13" alloys and dome light. Pioneer stereo, all else is stock.


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        welcome to the site!
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          welcome in


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