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bought a 89 auto festy

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  • bought a 89 auto festy

    Bought an auto 89 festy a couple weeks ago from a former member ,I only wanted a rear bumper but I got a decent deal & he deliverd it too it dosent run he said its electrical, but its gonna be a good parts car . even came with a nice cargo cover
    Only a few and the proud drive Festivas !

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    Good for you!

    I saw an interesting discussion on a Geo forum about Festivas-

    I think a lot of them are jealous- I was surprised at how many good commemts our cars got-

    I gotta admit, I'd love to try a Metro after all these years, and if I hadn't seen the '91 I bought a couple weeks back, I was ready to offer on an '89 Metro-
    But Festivas I KNOW- and they are great- and I had to pick just one to back up the '96 Aspire I've driven for over ten years now, and the old 88 Festy I had to sell a few years back.


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      I wanted a Metro for a long while. The mind boggling rust issues they get up here have kept me away from them. It seems people only sell them in Chicago when they are no longer safe to drive, passing that buck.

      Some of the more insane moments of my life have taken place in a Metro though. A dude I know and I stuffed 13 mopeds(70s with pedals) into a metro in San Francisco and drove it back to Portland with me on the spare as a seat the whole way home. It was awful. We stopped being friends after that trip, but that's a whole other story. haha.
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