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  • run out of gas? try this....

    From “Stealth of Nations” by Robert Neuwirth (2012) an amusing book about black markets and grey markets around the world.

    “Fourteen people packed into the ‘danfo’ [minibus] to go from Ikeja [Nigeria] to Oshodi. It was supposed to be a short trip - just a few minutes, at a cost of forty naira (approximately twenty-five cents).

    First, the bus ran out of gas. It bounced off the road and into a dusty dirt lot. The driver said nothing. He simply brought the van to a stop and fished in his pocket for a wad of cash. He peeled off a few sweaty hundred-naira notes and handed them to the conductor, who grabbed a yellow plastic jug from the floor in front of the van and, asking the fellow who fixed flats at the edge of the road which was the nearest filling station that actually had gas, trotted off on his quest.

    A few riders hailed passing ‘okada’ [motorcycle taxis], negotiated their deals, and sped off. The rest - whether because of the heat or because no one was in a hurry or because no one had the extra cash for a motorcycle ride - waited in silence under a severely stunted tree.

    The driver raised the hood and whirled the wing nut off the top of the carburetor, and removed the lid and the air filter. He flicked the throat of the carburetor to make sure it wasn’t sticky. Then he leaned against the scarred bumper and became immobile in the heat, like everyone else.

    When the conductor huffed back up with the sloshing bucket, the driver regained mobility. He pulled the rag that was serving as the van’s gas cap out of the spout, rolled up a dirty piece of paper to act as a funnel, and sluiced most of the contents into the tank. Before it was empty, he took a mouthful of what remained in the plastic jug, walked to the front of the van, and spit the gas directly into the open carburetor.

    The driver jumped into the cab, the conductor shoved from behind, and, with a jerk, the engine came to life. It gasped and popped at first. The driver shifted into neutral and floored it. The engine hiccupped and belched flame. The idle steadied. He jumped out, jammed the air filter in and the lid back on, and smashed the hood down. Then he and the conductor and the rest of us climbed back in and the bus roared back onto the roadway.”
    Original owner of silver grey carburetted 1989 Festiva. 105k km as of June 2006. 140k km as of June 2021.

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    I've walked quite a while in the freezing cold to get gas. Never in the heat yet, though.
    Any difference that makes no difference is no difference.

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      almost had to get gas once, but that was when I was driving my 22 or so miles per gallon in the city Hyundai Accent..... never had a problem in the festiva since it gets at least 35 miles per gallon!
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      Doug's work car: '95 Ford Aspire Manual "Whitie II" w/ swapped stock aspire engine from '95 Silver Aspire and has
      it's 5th transmission! 75,xxx mi... now with about 130,xxx mi.

      Sold! '89 Ford Festiva Manual "Gaystiva" (sold to my Uncle) - got with 163,xxx..... now 163,xxx Sold!

      TRANSFERRED! '89 Ford Festiva Automatic EFI "one hit wonder" Given to
      bolokid - got with 210,xxx ...... now with 210,xxx miles TRANSFERRED!

      '94 Ford Aspire SE Manual "Assfire" - got with at least 350,000 mi

      SOLD! '90 Ford Festiva L Manual look for Narion (or click the username) it's new owner on the forum! - got with 193,xxx miles... now has 193,xxx miles give or take SOLD!

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      R.I.P '95 Ford Aspire Manual Silver (one owner and one family car) got with about 50,000 miles ended with about 90,000 miles

      R.I.P '94 Ford Aspire Manual "New Blue" got with 150,xxx.... ended with about 200,xxx (it's engine is the .40 engine in my GL)


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        Once in awhile in trying to prime a siphon I've gotten some gasoline in my mouth. Nothing pleasant about that and the taste remains for quite some time. And yet this 3rd world character willingly sloshed a mouthful. Maybe he figured it tastes like money!