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Pulls really hard to the right

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    Originally posted by nitrofarm View Post
    Just switch to 13" Geo Metro wheels. Then you can actually get real tires

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      I've had similar things happen on a couple of festys over the years. I think (and others please concur if accurate) 12 inch tires seem to have less tolerance for imperfections than bigger tires. If a 12 inch tire has a bulge, you will feel it! I use to over inflate my tires to an extreme (for max-MPG's) but found I was losing more $ in tires wearing out (or bulging) before their time, so now I just over inflate a little

      Glad it was an easy fix. 12 inch tires aren't THAT hard to find. I have several sets already mounted even, off craigslist. It's actually a very common tire europe!!
      Because....45 MPG.