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so can i use 134a with just the fittings and as many orings as i can replace?

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    they sell this synthetic stuff on amazon they shiped it to my house its a redtech r12a thing it worked for my stiva


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      I will say I once filled my.mustang with propane, and it was the coolest ac. Movin has very good points
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        Originally posted by 2jzkilla View Post
        so anyone ever ordered off ebay before? ide rather use envirosafe then 134 but ide have to buy the equipment to put it in... i wonder if service shops out here are allowed to use envirosafe. the orileys guys here in cali had never heard of it before but it was easy to get in south dakota i guess
        I can vouch for the Envirosafe.

        I was a dumbass and didn't even bother to vacuum out the system. (Mainly because the cans of envirosafe I got said NOT to charge into a vacuum state) But even still, I am able to get pretty decent cooling. Doesn't freeze you out mind you, but that is because of my own mistakes, but does keep the inside of the car on a hot day at least comfortable, as long as you are moving.
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          If you are just recharging the system will work by putting in enough to turn the suction side cold. Vacuum in needed when you have the system open to air. Envirosafe is Propane R290.
          I guess if you have a leak you could find it with your nose! Static electricity or any other ignition source could be a bugger , especially if it were inside the car, Its ok as long as you are aware of what you have. It definitely is not something you could do for someone else without exposing yourself to some liability. Because of that I prefer a hybrid that doesn't ignite like Envirosafe can.
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