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    My dash light is out so I took the system out and saw two very small bulbs with a white plastic cap on both are those the ones? Everything else is fine over there oil,brake,shift,high beam etc, if so where can I get me set? Thanks

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    That's them. Check with Autozone. I believe they are number 74 bulbs.
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      If all the lights on the dashboard are not coming on with the headlights, this includes the lights behind the blower controls, then the dimmer switch went bad. When this fails, you lose all dash lights, except for things like turns signal indicators, Oil pressure, check engine, etc, those will still work, just everything that is supposed to come on with the headlights doesn't if that dimmer goes bad. I have had had 2 bad ones, one I got to replace my first bad one was also bad, and it started smoking when I flipped the headlights on.

      If this is the case you can temporarily get by using a piece of wire to jump two wires on the dimmer switch plug to get your dash lights back until you can find a replacement. I don't remember which 2 of the 3 wires you need to jump though.
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        Red/white to black


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          Ok I pulled both bulbs out and one was no good I put the good one back and it lit the dash. So how come it was completely out and now it works with one bulb?