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  • one of you guys are famous

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    I'm not; but, have wondered if Jay Leno may be a member here?

    post script: "hysterical hyperbole department." I took a look at bits of that thread the link is to; and caught the "440 hemi" someone had in a former police car, which had to've been the only such motor Mopar ever built; seems likely?

    The 440s were likely police motors, though since normally a hemi was 426 c. i. I'm now wondering if perhaps I'm wrong, and there may've really been such an odd mill only for cops?*

    Seems like the mention of this forum, has a little of the same flavor...

    The post below the one mentioning our forum, about the V-8 Corvair looks like pure fiction to me; about as likely a reality as the man in the moon? And I don't think there was such a hot stock motor offered until '65, either. I think gun nuts are dangerous clowns, with "size matters" type ego problems in too many respects; no?

    *More fiction; from too many viewings of the two Blues Brothers movies on dvd? Lots of people must hang out at that forum spinning yarns, just to see how outrageous they can make them...guns, like fishing stories; must yield too many temptations.
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      Hey, I had a friend here in Tampa that had a Corvair that he had put a Chevy 327 in the back seat.
      It was crazy fast & crazy hard to handle.
      Even with a insulated cover made for the engine it was hot.
      And us Dangerous Clowns call anti-gun nuts bad guy prey.
      I don't belive there ever was a 440 hemi , he just may have made a mistake .
      If it don't fit, use a bigger hammer!

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