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Anyone use their Festiva for volunteer work?

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  • Anyone use their Festiva for volunteer work?

    This little pecker wood tree was blocking the snowmobile trail. It and 2 more miles of trail were cleared 5/9/15 all by us volunteers. They triple our wages every year! It is a lot of fun and the only legal way to cut trees like this and to ride ATV's on trails such as this.

    The Festy towed all the tools necessary up here to do this. Post up, Volunteer work anyone ?

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    Tweak was a volunteer track support rig. Here the car is filled with Huffaker BP parts for a Spec Miata.

    Here is a Street stock b61P that I transported from the track to a friends house.

    Whats really funny is that Tweak was consistently faster than the Miata's that we helped keep on the track.
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      Love that 1 ton on the cherry picker going into tweak. Your tweak has to be the ultimate overachiever !
      Reflex paint by Langeman...Lifted...Tow Rig