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  • Fiesta's

    If you're into's a buttload of em.....
    92 GL, 98k
    77 Chevy shortbed

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    They belong to a guy named Roger. He also had 4 or 5 Festivas for sale.Don't know how many he has left if any.Gotta remember these are rust belt cars.


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      I want a clean one! To bad no money/ space.


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        Ive been talking to him. Everyone he has IS SOME GOLDEN EXAMPLE. 1500 for a red FI 5speed, no air, no rear defrost bear bones. I asked can i drive it? "No it needs brake work", well what kind of brake work? " I dont know they just dont work"

        Does it start? "Well kinda, it needs a battery and starting fluid"
        Lil' Red Rocket '93 Festiva: Stock, A/C, Rear wiper, Rear defrost, Alloys, Power mirrors, White Tach,Super tail action (factory spoiler)

        Frogstiva '92 Festiva: Just bought a HOT MESS. BP swap with E trans (not done), Built Red from factory spray bombed black with stripes, Aspire swap, Escort GT Master Cylinder, found frogs in vehicle, hence Frogstiva, pulling all good parts for Lil' Red Rocket.

        1.7 PN Diesel and trans, waiting for good shell.


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          So he's a hoarder and wants top value for something that is not of top value? I wonder how hard is it to find parts for these cars?
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            Probably pretty hard, considering I've never seen a single one in person, ever. Most parts would have to come from the UK and mainland Europe.
            1991 Ford Festiva BP (Full Aspire/Rio Swap) (337k Miles) (Around 95k Engine)
            2002 Chevy Cavalier LS Sport 2.2L DOHC Ecotec (Threw a Rod)
            1998 Chevy Monte Carlo LS 3.1 V6 (225k miles) Best MPG = 28


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              Checked on brakes at Rock Auto. Seems like parts are in good supply.
              90 Festy (Larry)--B6M (Matt D. modified B6 head), header, 5-speed, Capri XR2 front brakes, many other little mods
              09 Kia Rondo--a Festy on steroids!

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