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  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    Don't boo whoo me just yet. I know the title is a little off topic, but not really. Brian (25horseplay) will get a hoot out of this.

    The big debate every year is trailer or ride your bike to Sturgis. This guy figured it out. From Pa to Sturgis, South Dakota, no trailer, and no ride!!!

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    Wow, how is the roof supporting that?
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      What happens if there is a collision between a Festiva, a Harley, and a group of circus clowns wearing red suspenders?
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        Those front tires though!
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          I would really like to see more of the front end, looks to be fender flairs, no bumper etc.

          Umm you better look more close at that bike, that's no Harley, more likely a Hondog.
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            I want to see a video of the load/unload.
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              That is insane.

              Any difference that makes no difference is no difference.

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                New build on the way .


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                  Attached Files
                  New build on the way .


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                    Any difference that makes no difference is no difference.

                    Old Blue- New Tricks
                    91 Festiva FSM PDF - Dropbox


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                      That's awesome!!!


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                        That's too cool. I'm jealous.


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                          So awesome.

                          I JUST walked in the door from spending a week out there. I went early to visit with some hard core full-time motorcycle drifters. We camped at Camp 5 (Black Hills National Forest) A record 1.1 million people estimated to attend this year. Costumed authorities were (and probably still are) handing out tickets like candy. I guess they figure tens of millions of dollars is passing through their town that you could almost fall asleep in the street any other time of year--and they want some of it damn it! We're talking J-walking tickets, not putting both feet down at a stop sign, 38 in a 35….oh and it's pay in cash on the spot or jail. Good thing we aren't a 3rd world country or anything.

                          I saw a port fella on a full dress nail a deer at 50 mph, putting him over the bars, then his bike slide on the hard cases for a 1000 feet. He was okay (road rash) but it sure was creepy to see

                          The bike rally is pretty cool (even for crowd-phobes like me) the black hills are a real gem of America.

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