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High idle issues

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  • High idle issues

    Hi im jeff! I bought an 89 festiva last week. Great car really nice condition for as old as it is. Only noticeable problem I'm having with it is, it is idling really high. I've messed with the idle screw and that hasn't fixed the issue. Its weird it will start idling high, tap the gas and it will go down then jump back up. It also revs up when the heat is on, if I turn the heat fan off it will barely idle almost to the point of dying, eventually it does die. I'm guessing this could only be a couple of things. Vaccum leak/disconnected line. Throttle position sensor. Carburetor issue. It is missing the tube that connects to the to the carb, no air box, the line has been capped off. Not familiar with these cars and it's ben 20 plus years since I've had a carb car, any input will be appreciated.
    Also, the heat works but only in the defrost and foot selection, it blows out cold air in the face vents. Suggestions?

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    That's how the heat works in these cars as for the idle check linkage?
    I haven't had a carbed one in years so someone else probably knows right where to look.
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      Ok thanks that's what I've read but was making sure, just seems weird.


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        Funny, I just bought an 89 Festiva, and have the same issues! Haha! I thought i didnt have ANY heat, until i switched to defrost on a whim. Keep 'er on feet or defrost, and I'm nice and warm. Just wish i would have realized that before driving all over in the freezing cold/snow last weekend.


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          If I recall from my 88, one of the Fusible links is for the PTC - pre thermal carburetion or something- I think it heats the fuel slightly at the base of the carb for better combustion-

          As I call thenm the "fussyble links" you might check that to see there's good contact on that circuit.

          Wen I got my car to Indiana in the last few years- I took all the EGR components and vacuum tubes off and plugged all the carb lines, and it ran GREAT.
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