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  • Howdy! 'Nuther new guy

    I'm waiting to hear what the prices are on a whole herd of Festiva cars. The owner passed away a few months ago, and one of them has a 16V engine out of a Capri with a turbo in it. I was sorry to hear about the guy not being around anymore, but I'm going to scoop up as many of the cars as I can.

    Especially the one with the Capri swap - it would be a huge injustice if that one were to go anywhere near a scrapyard.
    Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will

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    link?? i'm close....


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      check your pm

      Thanks David


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        Welcome and good luck on your recon,search and rescue mission.Sounds like a fun opportunity.


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          "new" festi

          Thought i was starting a new thread and it kicked it into here lol.I edited it out but cant delete.
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            I'm holding my cards close until I get at least the Turbo car home this coming weekend, but there are A LOT of parts cars, and I want to be sure I get at least one more in close to running shape.

            There's at least one running and driving bone stock Festy that they were asking I think $800 for, and they may be talkable down from that.

            *I locked in the deal on the 16V @ $650 as is.

            Most recent word on the parts cars is $150 to $200, they have a lot of room to negotiate since they are selling them off to clean up the property and sending any cash that comes from it to the guys widow in Oregon.

            Why don't we look at maybe a get-together on Saturday April Second (first Saturday of the month) and we can all go over there and do some serious wheeling and dealing? By then I'll have enough to get the one other that I want out of it, and what I understand right now is that there are a whole lot of parts including rims, engine parts, and misc.

            From what I could see there are at least four complete or near complete cars besides the two I'm interested in, there's also a car hauler trailer that they are asking $750 for. It's a sixteen foot.

            I am just a squirt north of Memphis in South Tipton County, right next door to Glenn Springs lake. The folks with the cars are not far from my house.
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            Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will