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    Just got back from picking up my new old parts car...this one is a 92 and has power mirrors air and all kindsa other all the share the same wiring harness?...even if it is not equipped with it...the wiring is there am I correct?

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    Depends on what year you're swapping them into
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    94 Justy 4WD, 87 Fiero GT, plus 2 parts cars. That's my fleet.


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      Most of the time yes .
      I've heard some of the early cars weren't wired for all the options.
      All mine have had the plugs behind the block off plates and the wires tucked away for the extras.


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        We are talking 90 to 92..there is wiring running into the doors...although..there seems to be nothing electrical in there...I am hoping...this would be a nice upgrade to my little hoopty.


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          Well it seems fortuitous I got the car...seem the tranny has become an issue...making the most dreadful noise....5th is ok...but the rest...holy crap!


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            My 2 92s both had the wiring for power mirrors even though that wasn't even an offered option in 92-93. The 89 LX parts car had a little pigtail, or extender as well, but wasn't necessary, as Nate said.
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              Very cool...I am going to swap out the doors and back hatch door...engine and tranny...I am thinking about swapping the tops out as well....the driver has a damn sun roof in it...(just a frikkin hole in the top of the car to bake and drench you)
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