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  • Mini-Meets/Lunchtime Rallies/Pop Up Events

    Got a thing going on this coming weekend (9 July) where I'm meeting another member to get a used column for my 91.

    He's in Salem Illinois, I'm in Memphis Tennessee. So we settled on Charleston MO as the halfway point, and the plan is to make it a nooner.
    12 noon give or take, and there's lots of eateries around the exit.

    I wonder if Pop Up "Rallies" could be set up just for kicks, where arrival times plus or minus were the score in minutes, (IE: 12:15 would be 15 points, 12:30 would be thirty points, 11:45 would be 15 points, and ZERO would be a perfect score...)

    The target for this run is the Exxon station at I-57 exit ten!4d-89.353131
    Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will

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    I like this idea a lot. I would be down to join if I lived closer!
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      See, that's what I figured. People could set up a "Lunch Time Jam" and post it in their regional chapter with a Google Map (I just found out how to share maps).

      If you know a crew of Festiva folks and pick a spot in the middle it can be an "Eat and Greet" launched on fairly short notice
      Most people don't drive what they want at all, and never will